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Why do EHRs need redesign?

Many academic studies document negative effects of current EHR design on physicians, nurses and other staff, such as more after work hours, provider dissatisfaction and burnout. In particular, EHR designs have been found to lack support for the cognitive work of medical professionals and teamwork in medical settings.

Who can use the design improvements in Tandem EHR?

Although our project collected data in primary care clinics, the design improvements included in Tandem EHR could be applied in many types of medical practices including outpatient specialty clinics.

Could I use the method you describe in your research to redesign other technology interfaces?

Yes, please see the book written by Mica Endsley, Designing for Situation Awareness: An Approach to User-Centered Design (2012), for more information about how to use goal directed task analysis to design technology interfaces. Contact Tosha Wetterneck for more information on use in medical settings.

Why is this design approach different?

The design of the elements of Tandem EHR are different because they are based on the analysis of the cognitive needs for clinicians and their teams.